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Meet Philly

Artist Philly/ Philippa Kettlewell Andrews

I create heart inspired animal art, that honours their spirit and tells their story, while transforming a space with joy and happiness to last a lifetime. 

I live in Wivenhoe, North East Essex, UK with my husband, Greg and our miniature Schnauzer, Molly. 

I grew up in the Eastern Cape, South Africa on a farm. A seventeen-year career working in the Cruise Industry, gave me the opportunity to travel extensively, live in Miami and the Cayman Islands and ultimately brought me to live in the UK with Greg. 

My Artwork is inspired by my travel, where I was brought up, my love for nature and animals and my experience studying art. Being kind to animals and considerate of our planet is central to everything I do. The UN Sustainability Goal of responsible consumption and production guides that way I do business.  

"I love colour, texture, movement, the way light constantly changes how we see things, how an environment or expression evokes a feeling, and my art gives me the opportunity to interpret what I see. My work is created with love, I want it to make you smile."  - Philly  


The Story Behind My Signature 

My signature includes a ‘stick” elephant and the initials P.K.A.

My mum taught me to draw that "stick" elephant, and it's the first animal I remember learning to draw as a little girl.

Kettlewell is my maiden-name. I decided to keep Kettlewell in my artist’s name in memory of my granny Margaret Kettlewell, who was a wonderful watercolour artist. Granny Margaret encouraged me to draw and paint when I was growing up. Between terms. when I was home on holiday from boarding school, she would take me along to her painting lessons in Knysna, South Africa. 

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